PRISMA integrated machines unite the functions of dynamic weighing with metal contaminant detection, guaranteeing total protection of the brand. The combination of the two instruments brings with it four important advantages compared to just their sum: reduced overall dimensions, lower cost, a single operator interface, centralised statistical analysis.


Checkweigher with touch screen panel for pharmaceutical products in small formats at high speed. Is the ideal instrument to check high value products like boxes, flow-packs, bottles and tubes.Read More…

Food metal detector for small and medium sized loose and packaged products. Multi-frequency electronics, self-check, automatic calibration and tracking guarantee top level performance.Read More…


X-ray inspection for packaged products with a maximum capacity of 5000 g and dimensions up to 235 x 150 mm.Read More…

Integrated checkweigher and metal detector for small-medium format products.The 08D3 integrated compact is the ideal solution for complete production control. The product is first inspected by an MFS metal detector; if no contaminants are detected, the product continues towards the weighing plate, where its weight compliance is checked.Read More..



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