Gorreri Srl was founded in 1987 from the desire of Mr. Luigi Gorreri, actual President of the company, to engineer and realize flour confectionery processing machines able to satisfy the production needs of the future.30 years of engaging challenges and amazing technologies, during which we grew up and watched ahead guided by a great inspiring principle: satisfy our customer’s
needs supplying the best technology and customized solutions.


In addition to GTM series, GORRERI produces the innovative GMG series (GMG 100, GMG300, GMG300L and GMG 500 models).
A versatile and compact mixing unit that combines the GORRERI TURBOMIXER technology and GORRERI PREMIXER in a single stainless steel structure and an innovative premixer for the ingredients for liquid batters and creams realized with cold or hot technology.Read More…

A complete range of Ultrasonic Cutting Devices to easily cut and slice every kind of product, even the richest, stickiest and most friable one.
Thanks to CutterSonic System it is possible to cut fresh, sticky, warm or frozen food without altering the characteristics and consistency of the products.Read More…


WROBOT is the innovative and technological Robot for printing, drawing and decorating cakes, biscuits, buns and every other type of product that needs to be unique.
WROBOT, through a rotating arm, is able to transfer drawings and writings directly from a PC to the end product. It is also able to make perfect decorations with whipped cream, cream, icing, chocolate and butter creams. Write, import or draw, even by free hand on touch screen a draw.Read More...

The high flexibility of the equipment allows you to work on multiple layers, with different type of filling (whipped creams, creams, jams, icings, etc.), by using robotic systems to overlap the layers, to cover and decorate the cakes with smooth or whipped creams, twisted roselets or any kind of grains (grains based on dry fruit, coloured sugar, meringue, sponge cake crumbs, chocolate flakes, etc).Read More…


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