SILVESTRI S.r.l. is a factory set in Veneto, north Italy, that has been dealing from more than forty years with the design and manufacturing of mixers for oven products in the food industry, in particular hard and soft biscuits, cookies, snacks, soft dough and crackers.
The company was established in the late seventies by Divo and Gerardo Silvestri, and it is currently growing with a new generation under the guidance of Marco Silvestri, mechanical engineer, and DavideSilvestri, Ph.D..

Our high speed horizontal mixers are suitable for the production of any type of dough for hard and soft biscuits, cookies, crackers, snacks, soft dough etc.

Dough mixing is performed by a rotating mixing arm, which has an especially drop-shaped profile that SILVESTRI has designed on purpose so as to guarantee high homogenization of the ingredients.Read More…

Our vertical mixers are suitable for the production of highly uniform dough. The mixing is performed by vertical shafts with horizontal winding arms specially designed to guarantee quick and uniform dispersion of the ingredients as well as a soft and effective mixing.

Mixing takes place in stainless steel carts on swivelling casters so that they can be easilymoved for ingredient loading and for storage into leavening rooms.

Cart raising and lowering is performed by a brake motor through trapezoidal screw jacks. A stainless steel lid assures the closing of the top of the cart and prevents from powder leakage.

The main motor transmission is operated through V-shaped trapezoidal belts in order to smoothen sudden tensions in the mixing process. Available solutions with motor controlled by frequency inverter with adjustable speed from 15 to 30 rpm or with direct command motor at 30 rpm fixed speed.Read More…

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